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We offer two services, one tailored toward Outfitters and the other toward Guides, Packers, Camp Staff.  Through our extensive and regular nationwide outreach, we identify a diverse talent pipeline to suit a variety of needs. Whether you are an Outfitter seeking a veteran archery elk guide for 1 on 1 client experiences, or a Camp Cook to be certain everyone is fueled for adventure, we are ready and waiting to help make the connections for you.

Guide, Packer, and Camp Staff Recruitment and Screening

Regionalized Talent Sourcing

Reference Checks

Interview Coordination

Logistics Support for Emergency Hires

Nationwide Job Placement


  • We recruit from guide/packer schools and other market sources such as hunting and outdoor expos, community events, military transition offices, and referrals.

  • We partner with various outfitters nationwide and as positions become available we search our talent pool to place you with the right outfit that meets your goals, personality and types of hunts you enjoy most.

  • We coordinate the interviews and work directly with the outfitters to ensure a smooth and easy transition for you.  All you need to do is show up!

  • If you are interested in being an emergency standby resource for outfitters that use our SOS service, we provide the logistics to get you to their camp.  All you need to do is pack your bags.

  • We work with you to get feedback on your interviews and follow up to understand how you are doing in your new position.  This helps us to vet the outfitters and ensure we place talent with only the most reputable outfitters that treat their employees well.  If you are unsatisfied with an outfit by which you were hired, you will be first on our list to get you the next available position at the outfitter of your choosing.


  • We work with you to determine the skills needed or desired that each guide or packer must possess to enter your camp.  

  • Get to know your outfit and current staff’s needs to determine the traits that best fit  your camp’s culture.  This helps ensure an optimum experience for hunters and your staff.

  • We leverage the information harvested  to hand pick candidates from our talent pool then present you with the best possible fits.

  • We coordinate the interviews for you and then get feedback on each individual to help hone in on exactly what you want or need for future hiring needs.

  • In the event you need a quick turnaround emergency hire, we expedite the process and send you who we think is the best fit based on our relationship with you and your outfit, then set up the logistics to ensure that person is at your camp as soon as possible.

  • We follow up within the next few weeks to gather feed back on your new hire and ensure you are satisfied with with the services your new employee is providing.  If you are unsatisfied with your new employee, your next hire is on the house.

  • We keep detailed notes regarding your outfit's needs/wants and reference them anytime you trust us to locate your next guide.

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